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Notary Services Australia provides Notary Public services to individuals, large and small businesses, Lawyers, Patent Attorneys, Banks and Statutory Authorities.

We offer a full range of Notarial Services including taking declarations and affidavits, certification of original documents, verification of identity, corporate verification, obtaining of Authentications or Apostilles from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and obtaining legalisation of documents from Australian-based Embassies or Consulates.

Our aim is to provide you with an efficient, professional and convenient service and we look forward to being of assistance to you. Notary Services Australia is a long standing, highly regarded notarial service renowned for producing high quality, accurate documentation.

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What is a Notary?

In most cases, in order for a document to be accepted internationally, it must first be legalised or formally proved to be valid and genuine. For this to occur, most countries require documents to be witnessed or for copy documents to be certified by a Notary Public before those documents can be used overseas.

In Australia, Notaries are senior experienced legal practitioners who are qualified to authenticate, prepare, attest, verify, witness and certify original and copy legal documents for use internationally. A notarial act is generally recognised as an international “certification of authenticity”.

Under the Hague Apostille Convention, the office and seal of a Notary is internationally recognised.

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Our Notary Philip Earle is a member of the Society of Notaries of Victoria Inc, and also a fellow of the Australian & New Zealand College of Notaries.

Philip Maxwell Earle

Philip Earle was appointed as a Notary Public by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1990 and is a current Council Member of the Society of Notaries of Victoria Inc. and a Fellow of The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries.

He was admitted as Barrister & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and High Court of Australia in 1978. He is also an accredited Business Law Specialist and special counsel in the highly regarded Melbourne Legal firm of Hope Earle Lawyers and Advisors.

Philip’s vast commercial and legal experience and expertise compliment his activities as a Notary Public.

All international Embassies based in Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recognise his signature and seal and he is well known for the high-quality Notarial documentation that he produces.

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